Fredmolding Ltd. is a plastic Injection Moulding which began business in 2008.  The company quickly grew into an industry leader in custom thermoset plastic molding and today has production facilities in Shenzhen and Dongguan China.


Fredmolding Ltd. make any type of thermoset material including polyester, phenolic, diallyl phthalate (DAP), epoxy, and melamine.  We also have extensive experience molding military spec components.


Fredmolding serves a wide range of markets including electrical, electronic, transportation, power tools, lighting, appliance, material handling, communications, defense and more.


We have a full range of thermoset capability including injection, compression, and transfer molding with equipment from 12 tons to 600 tons.  In addition, Fredmolding provides additional services including drilling, tapping, riveting, assembly, testing and painting.  Fredmolding also offer PCB and Products assembly service.